Huge ‘UFO’ in weird shape floats across UK skies leaving couple baffled

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A couple was left clueless when they spotted an eerie-looking "UFO" floating in the sky across their home city.

Lynsey Currie and her boyfriend, who live in Maryhill, saw a huge box-shaped object with a pointed "head" moving in a forward direction above the Glasgow, reported Glasgow Live.

Filming on their camera, the boyfriend calls Lynsey over to help him adjust the focus while he is tracking the mysterious object.

They couldn't make out what the UFO could be but Lynsey asks if it is "going down".

Her boyfriend comments: "This is literally a UFO, it's not identified, not by us.

"That must be like a weather balloon or something, it's too big to be a drone."

He follows the flying object until it goes down past a tall building.

Some viewers said it could be drone decorated in Halloween costumes and others believed it could be a "shape-shifting" alien.

One said: "Wow, it's moving at speeds and changing velocity and angles that cannot be achieved by human technology, not."

"Escaped balloon or perhaps someone in a jet pack, or could be some sort of drone for COP26 security," a second added.

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  • But a third wrote: "It's a shape transformer, the black knight. He can look like a lot of things: saucer, orb, person animal. Very advanced and landing regularly now."

    Two months ago, also in Glasgow, a man has captured what he believed as a "space portal" on camera when he was stargazing outside his flat.

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    He was baffled when he saw rims around the circular object.

    Last month Londoners also witnessed a spooky scene as a woman filmed a weird object flying between buildings.

    She even compared it to a "Dementor" – a demonic creature in Harry Potter films – as she saw four limbs floating in air in an eerie way.

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