Facebook DOWN: New outage takes Facebook Messenger servers offline

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Facebook and Facebook Messenger are both down tonight, with thousands of reports suggesting another large outage is ongoing.

Issues started to be flagged by users at 6pm BST and have continued over the past hour. It’s unclear what is causing the outage or how long it might last across Web and App services.

Down Detector suggests that there are issues worldwide, including problems with using Facebook Messenger in the UK and North America.

There has been no word from the internet giant on why Facebook is down, or how long users might have to wait until they can access their accounts again.

Twitter reacts to Instagram, Facebook and WhatsApp outages

One affected user writes: “can anyone type in the chat boxes? It was working a while ago now I can not type in chat. It just says Facebook user.”

Another adds: “If you are having issues with FB messenger……..grab a coffee, pull up a seat I have plenty of biscuits/cookies to share.”

Further updates are expected within the hour if the outage continues across Facebook and Facebook Messenger.

Facebook has suffered several large outages over the past few months, some of which have lasted hours and taken a long time to fix and reverse.

And it hasn’t only been Facebook that has been struggling today, with Instagram posting more reports of problems and accessibility issues on November 3.

WhatsApp remains unaffected, which is good news for the millions of users who rely on it to post messages in groups and make calls globally.


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