Elon Musk warned he will have to fork out $6bn as food poverty challenge accepted

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Elon Musk has been warned he will have to fork out $6 billion to tackle food poverty by the head of the United Nations World Food Programme. The entrepreneur had challenged those calling for the world’s mega-rich to end world hunger to explain how donating vast amounts of money would solve the problem, and offered to help if they could. The UN’s David Beasley has taken up the Tesla boss on the offer and appealed to the multi-billionaire directly on Sky News.

Mr Beasley told Sky New’s Adam Boulton: “I’m so glad that Elon has entered the conversations and I look forward to getting that cheque that money from him because we will prove very clearly to him that with that 6 billion we can save the lives of 42 million people knocking on famines door around the world.

“And let me say this Adam, it won’t just save those lives but it will also keep nations from being destabilised and it will keep mass migration by necessity from happening.

“So it’s a win-win for everybody, I mean, just yesterday, Elon’s stock went up $21 billion I just need 6 million of it!

“He’s got over 300 billion, I’m not picking on Elon I want him to make money. But you know, with this crisis, one-time crisis we’re facing right now because of COVID we need some help because governments are tapped out and I need for the world’s wealthiest billionaires to step up save some lives and show the world you care because capitalism is good, but you got to share the wealth with people in need, and that time is now.”


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