Sky+ boxes are stuck on British Summer Time after the clocks changed

Sky customers have been left annoyed after their Sky+ TV boxes failed to change the internal clock over the weekend.

It means that, while the rest of the UK is now officially using Greenwich Mean Time, Sky viewers are left with British Summer Time.

Possibly not a huge problem, except that the TV guide now doesn’t line up with what programme is being shown.

Sky says it’s aware of the issue and is working to try and fix it.

Replying to customers on Twitter, the company said it expects the issue will be resolved by Thursday.

Sky’s recently-revealed Sky Glass also appears to have switched seamlessly.

Meanwhile, those affected were left to vent on social media.

I’ve actually changed the clock from British Summer Time to GMT in the car quicker than Sky have managed it so far.

Sky HD boxes still stuck an hour ahead.

Dear @SkyUK why are your sky boxes still showing british summer time? #clocksgoback

People are getting a bit weird on Social media because Sky forgot to push the switch from British Summer time to Sky+ boxes 😂

Other features of the Sky+ box, like on demand content and TV recording aren’t affected by the bug.

A Sky TV spokesperson said: ‘We’re aware some customers with Sky+ boxes are continuing to see British Summer time on the Sky Guide menu.

‘We’re really sorry about this, we are working hard to fix this. However Live TV, recording, downloading and playing any video on demand content are all working correctly.’

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