‘Practice what you preach!’ Biden uses FIVE planes and 85 cars to get to climate talks

President Biden struggling to get support says climate chief

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The US President, whose fleet of planes landed in Edinburgh on Monday, has been branded a “hypocrite” just a day after he called on G20 leaders to lower their countries’ greenhouse emissions. Joe Biden took off from Rome earlier this morning where he attended the G20 conference and met with Pope Francis in an 85-car motorcade. His trip to Europe is expected to produce some 2.2 million pounds of planet-warming carbon, which has sparked outrage from environmentalists on social media.

At the heart of the whopping carbon footprint, is the President’s fleet of aircraft including a modified Boeing 747 plane known as Air Force One.

According to a report in the Daily Mail, the five planes alone will be responsible for releasing some 2.16 million pounds of carbon dioxide (CO2).

As a security measure, the fleet consists of a decoy as well as C-17 Globemasters – military transport aircraft designed to carry the presidential motorcade and helicopters.

The remainder of President Biden’s greenhouse emissions will be emitted by his motorcade, including the armoured presidential Cadillac limousine known as ‘The Beast’.

The 20,000-pound vehicle belches out an estimated 8.75 pounds of carbon per mile.

For comparison, figures published by the US Environmental Protection Agency show the average car releases 0.89 pounds of CO2 per mile.

President Biden’s long motorcade in Italy was attributed to the country’s Covid rules, which place restrictions on the number of non-cohabiting people allowed to travel in a single vehicle.

However, the President has still come under fire for his European trip, with many people on social media venting their frustrations.

One person under the Twitter username of @MarleneLapierre said: “You talk climate change while using 85 vehicles in your motorcade. You’re all liars and hypocrites.”

Another person, Nick Betteridge, tweeted: “For the sake of the planet, did they minimise air travel for their trips?

“According to what world leaders are preaching but not practising #ClimateHypocrisy.”

And right-wing commentator Paul Joseph Watson said: “Biden’s contribution to fighting climate change.

“- 85-car motorcade in Rome

“- His own 244-horsepower car ‘the Beast’

“- Each car generates 10x the normal amount CO2

“- 10,000-mile return trip on Air Force One

“- 2.2 million pounds of carbon total

“They’re taking the p***. #COP26”

On Sunday, the White House announced it has struck a deal with the European Union to reduce the steel-industries greenhouse emissions.

Speaking from Rome, President Biden vowed to crack down on “dirty steel” that produces CO2.

Together with Ursula von der Leyen, President of the European Commission, the leaders agreed to renew an economic and environmental partnership on the issue.

In particular, the deal is expected to target China’s exports of dirty steel “that harms our industries and workers”.

The White House confirmed in a statement the US will remove EU tariffs and lower the costs for American families.

President Biden said: “By harnessing our diplomatic and economic power, we can reject the false idea that we can’t grow our economy and support American workers while tackling the climate crisis.”

Ms von der Leyen added: “It will be a major step forward in achieving climate neutrality and it will ensure a level playing field.”

Mr Biden is expected to announce today a long-term strategy to reach net-zero emissions in the US by 2050 and expand on his plans to neutralise the effects of climate change with a £2.2billion ($3billion) programme.

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