Creepy tale of UK island where so many were buried ‘bones stick out from graves’

A remote island in the UK has a darker past with horror stories of skeletons and unmarked graves.

The Welsh spot, which is now a safe haven to wildlife, has a sinister and creepy history behind it.

There are tens of thousands of people buried under Bardsey Island, in fact, there are so many that "bones protrude out from unmarked graves" due to mass overcrowding.

Bardsey Island or Ynys Enlli in Welsh is located two miles off the Llyn Peninsula in Gwynedd, North Wales.

The island has a long religious history that dates back centuries.

In the sixth century, the Welsh kings of Llŷn and Saint Cadfan are believed to have founded a monastery on Bardsey – making it a key pilgrimage site through to the 1200s.

It was said that anyone who died there would be saved from eternal damnation, bypassing purgatory altogether and ascending directly to heaven, according to Wales Online.

Bardsey was believed to be so holy that corpses were sent to the island in the hope that the soil held holy properties.

But the tiny island, which measures only 0.7 square miles, became so overcrowded that the remains of the deceased were being jostled to the surface with each new body buried.

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Locals allegedly used the bones sticking above the surface to make fencing.

Even today it is claimed that if you stick a spade in the ground, you're likely to hit someone's skeleton.

One body was even found with a coin in its mouth dating back to the 10th century – the ancient belief being that currency would be needed to pay the ghostly ferryman who conveyed souls from the world of the living to that of the dead.

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