Sky Glass: pre-order delays, prices, and everything you REALLY need to know before you buy

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As promised during its launch event earlier this month, Sky Glass is now available to buy in the UK. Well, sort of. Only Sky VIP Diamond and Platinum customers – that’s people who have been with Sky TV for eight years or more – are currently able to place an order for the feverishly-anticipated new QLED TV. Sky will be slowly rolling out the custom-designed TV to more customers in the coming days and weeks. “You won’t have to wait long. Register now and we’ll be in touch soon,” the company has promised.

If you’re itching to get your hands on Sky Glass as soon as it becomes available, you should register your details below.

Once all of the Diamond and Platinum customers who want to switch over to Sky Glass are up-and-running, Sky will move onto people who have pre-registered. So, don’t endlessly refresh the order page on the Sky website hoping to jump to the front of the queue – put your name on the list.

Sky Glass – Register Your Interest Now

Want to be one of the first to get your hands on Sky Glass? You can put down your details right now. Sky Glass, which is available in 43-, 55-, and 65-inch sizes, started to ship to customers from October 18, 2021. However, Sky is prioritising its Diamond & Platinum users, so you’ll need to pre-register to make sure you’re near the front of that queue. Prices start from £13 a month for the 43-inch panel, with the 55-inch model costing £17 a month, and the 65-inch 4K TV starting from £21 a month

Contract length: Up to 48 months | Upfront cost: £10

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