Nintendo 64s, Walkmans, and the retro gadgets in your loft that could be worth thousands

It might be time to go up to the loft, as you could now make up to £5,000 selling your old Nintendo 64 or Walkman online.

People are making a fortune off of classic tech products that have been gathering dust for years, as collectors are engaging in massive eBay bidding wars for consoles, cameras, typewriters, and even old boomboxes.

Researchers at phone accessories company Case24 have compiled a list of the top-selling retro gadgets that could be cash in the attic for thousands of people.

Old school Nintendo consoles hold their value best thanks to how rare they are. A mint condition Nintendo 64, which first launched in 1996 for £93, has fetched as much as £5,095 in eBay auctions–that's £5,002 profit in just 25 years.

You can also nab up to £995 for rare Gameboys, such as the Gameboy Colour Atomic Purple Clear.

It might be worth looking at old game cartridges too. Earlier this year, a Super Mario 64 cartridge broke world records when it sold for £1.08 million, making it the most expensive video game on the planet.

Other lucrative retro gadgets include:

  • HP calculator watches (1977) – worth up to £2,895
  • Boomboxes (1966) – £1,300
  • Sony TPS-L2 Walkman (1979) – £1,000
  • Polaroid camera (1984) – £723
  • The first iPhone (2007) – £595

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'Antique' tech also does particularly well.

The highest price an old Bakelite rotary phone has gone for is £3,877, while 19th century typewriters can be worth about £1,000.

Of course, the auction price depends largely on the condition of the items.

Original packaging can be like gold dust to collectors as it helps verify authenticity.

Even if an item is broken, you can get it repaired or refurbished and resell it.

Most importantly, don't rush to sell your old gadgets, as they will increase in value over time and you could get even more money in a few years. It might even be worth buying up some gadgets now and keeping them in boxes for a decade or two–you never know!

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