New roundabout thrills Star Wars fans with uncanny resemblance to villain’s base

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A new traffic island in Coalville, Leicestershire, has stunned locals with its unmistakeable resemblance to a sci-fi super weapon.

Seen from above the roundabout looks precisely like the Death Star – the orbital weapons platform that Emperor Palpatine uses to keep his subject in line in the Star Wars films.

Even more remarkably, it's the second Star Wars themed geographical feature that's been spotted this week.

The similarities between the roundabout at Grange Road in Hugglescote, and the Death Star from a galaxy far, far away were first noticed last week, with eagle-eyed residents saying that the resemblance was uncanny.

Links to the epic sci-fi franchise Star Wars are deeply entrenched in the North West Leicestershire community courtesy of the Palitoy factory in nearby Coalville, where a series of iconic toys based on the film were once manufactured.

But this week a new development has strengthened the county's connection to that galaxy far far away.

Leicestershire Live says that some locals have speculated on the purpose of the so-called "Coalville Death Star".

“[Its] first task is to eliminate [the] Belvoir Shopping Centre” said one person online.

“It’s so that when someone misses the roundabout they will be launched into a very short orbit… over the roundabout.” speculated another.

The first Death Star was commanded by Peter Cushing’s Grand Moff Tarkin who orders the destruction of the planet Alderaan by use of a superlaser designed by weapons wizard Bevel Lemelisk.

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However – [spoiler alert} – the original Death Star was destroyed by Luke Skywalker in the final moments of the original 1977 Star Wars film, taking Grand Moff Tarkin with it.

However, one user speculated that Tarkin is far from dead, adding fuel to the fire over the ‘ Coalville Death Star’.

“That makes sense, I thought this chap looked familiar when I saw him in [Morrisons],” they noted, adding a picture of the cadaverous Galactic Empire officer with their post.

“He was buying some Mint Imperials.”

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The roundabout’s similarity to the famed space station is no coincidence though. It’s a deliberate homage to the town’s links with Star Wars.

Councillor Ozzy O’Shea, Leicestershire County Council’s cabinet member for highways and transport, said: “One of the planning conditions for the Grange Road housing development was that the developer come up with a landscaping scheme for the roundabout and the green space in front of the houses.”

“The Death Star themed roundabout is rather unusual and we are pleased to see it is now fully operational (but not armed!)”

“It is a great way to celebrate Leicestershire’s heritage, he added. "Palitoy, which made Star Wars figures for the UK market, employed hundreds of local people over many decades.”

Funded by developers Harworth Estates, Cllr O’Shea confirmed the county council will adopt the roundabout after 12 months as part of the highway.

Harworth Estates will continue to be responsible for the Death Star’s maintenance.

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