Hamster Mr Goxx beats professionals at crypto and ‘clocks in whenever he wants’

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are seeing a surge in popularity, with people spending hours every day trying to hit the big time on their investments.

But cashing in on crypto might be as easy as spinning a wheel, as German hamster Mr. Goxx is outperforming many human investors and funds.

The hamster, who has a tiny 'trading office' linked to his cage, is up 20 percent on his initial investments since June. His secret seems to be working from home on flexible hours.

Each time Mr. Goxx enters his office, a livestream automatically launches on Twitch and his 'trading session' begins.

Mr. Goxx then runs in his 'intention wheel', which scrolls through a selection of cryptocurrency options.

Then, special sensors detect whether Mr. Goxx runs through a 'buy' or a 'sell' tunnel, which automatically causes him to complete a trade.

The hamster has permanent free access between his office and his cage using a 'portal', and clocks on and off whenever he wants.

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His 'company' Goxx Capital started out with just £278, and although it lost around 7.3% after one month, Mr. Goxx quickly recovered.

Now, the hamster's portfolio is up 19.41%, beating the performances of Warren Buffett, the FTSE 100, and the Dow Jones. Before the price of Bitcoin crashed the other week, Mr. Goxx was even up 50 percent, sitting on a pretty £428.

Mr. Goxx is named after Mt Gox, which used to be the largest crypto trading platform before it was robbed by hackers in 2011.

The humans responsible for Mr. Goxx are a pair of anonymous Germans—a lecturer and a programmer—who have been friends since university.

They told BBC News they started it as a hobby during the pandemic, and frequently tweet to warn the public that the hamster should not be followed for investment advice.

Mr Goxx's owner said: "Since my hamster took on his business, I got everyone around me asking for more information about this crypto thing."

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