Guide to delete Facebook and keep Messenger after ‘silly’ name change reveal

More and more people are calling on others to delete Facebook, after Mark Zuckerberg unveiled plans to rename the company 'Meta' and start building a 3D Matrix-like 'Metaverse'.

It seems not too many are that impressed by the announcement, which saw the Facebook founder announce a major change in direction for the social media giant.

The company, which will now be known as 'Meta', is going to focus its efforts on building the 'Metaverse', its name for a sort of 3D internet that you can walk around in and interact with people.

However, the announcement was met with widespread skepticism, with some comparing the plans to dystopian sci-fi movies. "Facebook's solution to their problem of being seen as a terrifying digital mind-prison and manipulation toolset is to… build The Matrix," wrote one Twitter user.

After months of controversy around how the company handles user data and safeguards children from dangerous content, thousands of people are now looking to delete their accounts after the announcement, with Google searches of how to delete Facebook shooting up by 200 percent.

How to delete Facebook but keep Messenger

  1. Clicking the upside-down triangle in the top-right of the newsfeed to access your Facebook settings
  2. Tap 'Your Facebook information'.
  3. If you want to download all of the data, photos, and videos saved on your Facebook, click 'Download your information'. This could be a hefty file of a few gigabytes, so make sure you have plenty of space on your hard drive
  4. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click 'View' on the Deactivation and Deletion section.

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You now have two options. 'Deactivate account' will disable your profile page and remove your name and photos from most things you've shared. This will let you continue using Messenger, but you won't be able to access the Newsfeed and nobody will be able to see your profile anymore.

Or, hit 'delete'. A prompt window will encourage you just to deactivate, but if you want to go through with it, you can delete your account entirely and be free of the newsfeed forever.

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