GTA remaster trilogy trailer and release date finally drop – with great graphics

The long-awaited trailer for the remastered Grand Theft Auto Trilogy is finally here, and it does not disappoint.

While many fans were expecting a simple port of the blocky Playstation 2 games, it looks like Rockstar North are actually putting their money where their mouth is with this remaster.

The trilogy has been completely remastered, and it seems the developers have used the lo-fi graphics of old as inspiration for a neon-soaked cartoon next-gen revamp.

The trailer shows off a comparison of the original Grand Theft Auto games alongside the remastered ones, which feature slick new lighting and environment upgrades, as well as revamped character models.

The trilogy will also include modern GTA V-style controls, much to fans' relief.

We've also finally been given a release date. The GTA remastered trilogy will drop on November 11th for £49.99 on Playstation, Xbox, and PC.

One surprise platform will support the release too. Nintendo fans will be lucky enough to get it on Switch, with special motion controls that make the most of the console's Joy-Cons.

GTA III, Vice City, and San Andreas were landmark games around twenty years ago, and pioneered the open world format that many next-gen releases still rely on today.

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The games also introduced the three main settings for the series: Liberty City, Vice City, and San Andreas, inspired by New York, Miami and Los Angeles respectively.

Grand Theft Auto is known for its tongue-in-cheek humour as well as its controversial approach to themes such as drugs, crime, and sex.

The most modern instalment in the series, Grand Theft Auto V, is officially the best selling media title of all time thanks to its multiplayer counterpart, Grand Theft Auto Online.

This week, GTA Online added tons of new Halloween features, including creepy killer clowns that chase players across the map.

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