Clocks go back: Do I need to change the time on my phone this weekend?

Daylight saving time: Why are the clocks changed twice a year?

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Daylight savings started on March 28 and will conclude with Halloween on October 31. The seven-month period helps workers navigate the darker months and has a raft of proven benefits. People will spend some of the day putting back their analogue clocks, but some might not know what to do with their other devices.

Do you need to change the clock on your phone this weekend?

Most modern gadgets connected via the internet are automatically in-tune with the time, whether daylight savings has arrived or not.

The computers in most smartphones will make sure they conduct that all-important adjustment this coming Sunday.

But people will need to make sure the device is correctly equipped.

Before they automatically adjust to the new time, phones will require an internet connection.

This means connecting them to a wifi or 4G connection overnight.

Anyone who turns off their phone during the night will find it switches to the correct time when booted up.

Some phones may require a prompt before they make that automatic adjustment.

How to check time settings on an Android

If people aren’t sure whether their Android phone has automatic settings initiated, they should do the following:

  • Navigate to the settings app
  • Scroll to the “system” or “general management” tab
  • Tap the “date and time” option
  • Tap to switch on the Use network-provided time setting

How to check time settings on an iPhone

Most iPhones should come ready preset to automatically update the time but to check, people can follow these steps:

  • Go to settings
  • Select “general”
  • Select “date and time”
  • Click the “set automatically” switch, so it turns green

People should also check they have their phones’ latest software configurations installed.

When correctly set up, phones will automatically check the time on any network.

This means they adjust both to changing daylight savings and time zones in new countries.

They will change for daylight savings again on March 27, 2022.

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