China humiliates Biden AGAIN as it tests cutting-edge rocket amid Taiwan conflict

China: Rocket debris to hit Earth reveals expert

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The rocket was fired from a site near Xi’an city in north China for 115 seconds, creating a huge trail of flame and exhaust. The new motor was developed by the Academy of Aerospace Solid Propulsion Technology (AASPT), belonging to the China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation (CASC), the country’s main space contractor. The motor has a diameter of 11.48 feet (3.5 meters), a maximum thrust of 1,00,000 pounds-force (500 tonnes) and is powered by 330,000 pounds (150 tonnes) of solid fuel.

In a statement, CASC claimed that this is the most powerful solid rocket motor with the largest thrust the world has ever seen.

CASC also claimed it proved multiple cutting-edge technologies, including a high-performance fibre composite shell, an integral-casting combustion chamber and an oversized nozzle, to make it a significantly advanced rocket engine.

Ren Quanbin, president of AASPT told CCTV, China’s state-owned broadcaster: “Testing is very successful. We have tested all the parameters including the 500-ton thrust that worked 115 seconds.

“We are at the international advanced level in the field of large solid rocket engines. Next, we will develop a 1,000-ton solid rocket engine to provide stronger thrust for China’s carrier rockets in the future.”

According to CASC, the rocket motor is expected to be used with heavy-lift rockets to meet several demands for launch vehicles on space missions.

These include crewed Moon landings and missions involving deep space exploration.

This also comes as China is developing the Long March 9, a huge rocket designed to astronauts to the Moon.

China has been racing ahead in the development of rockets in recent years as the space race intensifies, but some may not be used to get to distant planets.

It comes as military tension heats up in the space arena, prompting fears of a full-blown war in the cosmos.

Yesterday it was revealed that a team of Chinese scientists reportedly created a device that uses explosives to stealthily destroy enemy satellites undetected.

China also successfully launched a nuclear-capable hypersonic missile test which caught US defence officials completely off-guard as fears of an attack on US orbital spacecraft continue to soar.

So much so that last week, NASA officials called on the US government to fund nuclear-powered rockets to ramp up defences against China.

China’s boost to its space weaponry also comes as military tensions with Taiwan soar in the South China Sea.

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Earlier this month China sent at least 38 planes across the Taiwan Strait which serves as a de facto border between Taiwan and the mainland as China looks set to attack the Island.

President Joe Biden has said he will step in to help Taiwan, should Beijing launch an attack.

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