Cheeky cocker spaniel eats his owner’s false teeth after she goes to the pub

A horrified mum-of-two woke up after a big night out and discovered that her pet dog eaten her false teeth.

Jayne Haggett, from Aberdare in south Wales, had been out for a few drinks with friends at her local and said the last thing she can remember before going home was removing her front dentures in the bar in order to eat a packet of crisps.

However, after failing to find her missing gnashers the following morning she turned the house upside down – even telephoning the pub, The Beehive Inn, to ask the staff there to keep an eye out for them.

The 54-year-old production operator told Wales Online: "I generally take my teeth out before eating anything because I hate bits getting stuck underneath them".

"And every night before bed I leave them in a little plastic pot on the kitchen worktop. But, come the next day, it was gone.

"So me and my daughter looked everywhere, but with no luck.

"Then I called the pub's landlady to see if she'd seen my teeth anywhere and she promised to ring me back if they showed up."

In the meantime however, Jayne noticed her dog – a one-year-old Cocker Spaniel called Barney – acting suspiciously.

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At which point the awful truth began to dawn on her.

"I went into the back garden and there on the grass, next to Barney, was the little plastic pot. It was chewed to bits and completely empty.

"I can only imagine he'd swallowed the contents – he's always been a terror for doing things like that. I've not got a single hairbrush that hasn't been mouthed and mauled."

Even worse, Jayne won't be able to get replacement dentures for at least another month.

"I went to the dentist to get a new set moulded but they told me I'll have to wait until the end of November.

"Friends have said that, if I'm patient, Barney will probably poo my missing teeth back out before then – but I'm hardly going to rewear them after that, am I?"

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Jayne also revealed that, in 2017, she had one of her breasts removed after being diagnosed with cancer.

"I had all my hair shaved off before undergoing chemo and then I lost a boob – and now I've no front teeth either.

"If I'm not careful there won't be much of me left," she laughed, adding that she regularly organises charity fundraisers for the likes of Cardiff's Velindre Cancer Centre, where she received treatment.

Jayne also couldn't help but see the funny side of her ordeal.

"Lots of people are going through far worse as a result of the pandemic, so I'm determined not to let it get me down.

"And if me telling my story makes others smile then that can only be a good thing.

"In any case, because of Covid everyone's wearing face masks these days.

"So it's unlikely many will even notice my front teeth are missing at all."

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