Fortnite, Steam and Epic gamers are being hacked right now by cybercriminals

Gamers are being targeted for their passwords, bank cards, and login details by a dangerous new virus, according to cybersecurity firm Kaspersky.

Using a piece of malware called BloodyStealer, hackers are breaking into accounts on Steam, Bethesda, Epic Games and Origin and selling user data on the dark web.

The virus can be purchased for $40 by hackers and then targeted at specific gaming store accounts. It has evaded antivirus programs so far because of complex anti-analysis methods.

In a blog post, Kaspersky warned gamers that their credentials and wallets could be for sale on the black market around the world.

"Although BloodyStealer is relatively new, it is already globe-trotting. According to our data, the malware has hit users in Europe, Latin America, and the Asia-Pacific region."

It continued: "BloodyStealer is just one of many tools available on the dark web for stealing gamer accounts. Cybercriminals sell other types of malware, many of which have been on the market longer than BloodyStealer."

The virus was first discovered by cybersleuths on shady underground Internet forums based in Russia. There, cybercriminals sell access to specific gaming accounts as well as 'wholesale' at huge discounts. In one instance, 65,000 accounts were for sale for just $150.

Those accounts with lots of games or add-ons in their library are at particular risk.

It's not just games that are at risk. Hackers are using gamers' accounts to launder money, send out scams, and much more. Most of those affected are ordinary users, rather than big businesses who are the typical targets of cyberattacks.

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How to protect your gaming accounts from hackers and malware

  • Change all of your passwords immediately
  • Enable two-step authentication on all of your gaming accounts using the security settings. This will stop anyone accessing your accounts without your phone
  • Install some robust anti-virus software
  • Avoid downloading games and apps from unofficial sources
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