Christmas presents could be cancelled as Playstation and iPhone face shortages

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Getting your hands on in-demand electronics could be tricky this Christmas, with iPhones and games consoles expected to be in short supply due to a shortage of vital hardware.

According to Bloomberg, Apple will be cutting production of the brand new iPhone 13 this winter to compensate for a major lack in semiconductors.

But it's not just Apple that will be affected. The makers of everything from cars to Playstations are halting production. Samsung have delayed the launch of their Galaxy S21 from August to later this month, while even toasters and fridges are facing issues.

Semiconductor manufacturer Toshiba predicts shortages will continue until next year, while the likes of Toyota, Ford and Volvo have had to stop their production lines. Household appliances like fridges and toasters are also being hit by the issue.

Semiconductors are what make it possible to build computer chips.

Since the start of the pandemic, a huge backlog of semiconductors has sprung up due to a shortage of staff as well as major restrictions on international borders.

This is partly why it's been so difficult to get your hands on PS5 or Xbox Series X | S stock since last year. These consoles rely heavily on semiconductors in order to function.

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The shortage is even impacting cars. Mike Thompson, director at the automotive analyst firm Leasing Options, said:

"The semiconductor shortage has caused major delays to a number of new cars, with some people waiting months for their vehicle."

"However, what a lot of the public aren't aware of is how this shortage could result in a limited supply of the most highly anticipated Christmas presents."

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The shortage has also been exacerbated by a massively increased demand for tech after the shift towards home working. With people needing laptops, webcams, and smartphones more than ever, the semiconductor industry has faced greater strains than ever before.

If you want to get your loved ones the latest kit, it might be a bit of a wait. Keeping track of stock updates on Twitter is always a safe bet, and failing that, there's always classic Christmas gifts to fall back on like gingerbread, socks, or tangerines.

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