Apple just slashed AirPods to record new low price – and it’s not even Black Friday yet

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If you missed Apple’s latest blockbuster event, the company unveiled a redesigned MacBook Pro, added some bright colours to its HomePod mini smart speaker, and launched the highly-anticipated third-generation of AirPods. Rumoured for more than a year, the new wireless earbuds sport a new design that’s closer to the pricey AirPods Pro than the original AirPods and include support for the head-tracking Spatial Audio feature available in the likes of Apple Music, TV+ and Netflix.

Priced at £169, AirPods 3 will replace the second-generation AirPods in the line-up when they launch nationwide on October 26. But what about the classic AirPods – with the longer stem design and upright TicTac-like charging case? Well, thankfully, Apple is keeping them around for a little longer at a new low price tag.

The second-generation AirPods, which cost £159 with the standard charging case just last week, will now set you back £119 from Apple. If you buy direct from the Apple Store, you have the ability to get a free engraving with your name, a personal message, or an emoji of your choice. Or some combination of all of them.

However, there are advantages to buying from a number of other high street stores. For example, BT offers customers the ability to pay off their shiny new earbuds over four months with 0% APR. Amazon offers next-day delivery – and in some areas, if you order before midnight, same-day delivery – at no extra charge for Prime subscribers. has scoured around for the best prices around, which you can find below… 

BT Shop

If you don’t want to pay upfront, BT is your best choice. The online retailer offers 0% APR if you pay off the cost of the AirPods within four months. If you want to spread out the cost for longer than that, there are a number of other options available.

View Deal

Amazon Prime

Sure, the price is the same. But if you’re already a Prime member, you’ll be able to get your hands on the AirPods tomorrow at no extra cost. In some areas, you could even get the AirPods delivered on the same day for free.

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