Man disgusted as cyclist strolls into front garden and poos on his driveway

A homeowner was horrified when he re-watched security camera to find a cyclist casually walking into his property and pooing on the driveway.

Evan Sia, who lives in Brighton, Victoria in Australia, posted the video on Facebook to shame the woman who defecated on his front yard and urged people to look for the culprit.

The clip, which was then shared onto Reddit, shows the blonde woman, who wears a blue biker helmet and a pair of white Gucci sneakers, walking through the open gate into Evan's property.

She goes to the side near the birdbath and casually pulls down her pants and takes a quick dump.

Seconds later, she puts on her pants and walks herself out.

Evan wrote: "Please let me know who did a s*** in my driveway. (Brighton location) Cheers."

The bizarre incident took place at around 10.30am on Thursday, October 21.

Many viewers agreed that it might be a difficult search to find the culprit, but some found it disgustingly "impressive".

"That is so gross, but I’m also kind of impressed at the efficiency," one commented.

A second wrote: "I'm concerned by the lack of wiping."

A third came up with an idea to help catch the woman, saying: "Bro I know it’s gross but poo contains DNA so keep a sample if she’s caught they will easily be able to match it with her DNA!"

Earlier this year in Brisbane, a woman spotted a stranger taking a dump in front of her in her neighbour's garden.

In 2018, a man was charged with creating public nuisance after neighbours believed he was responsible for pooing on their properties up to 30 times in a year.

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