PS5 Argos blunder as Playstation fans left unable to buy consoles online

A PS5 Argos restock has left Playstation fans frustrated after the retailer’s website failed to let customers buy a console online.

Irritated would-be Playstation users took to Twitter to vent after some were left unable to buy the new PS5 on the Argos website.

The re-stock had eager players up at 2am for the drop, but people reported issues with getting through to the purchase page.

Other potential customers said they were unable to access the website at all, while several more were duped into thinking a console was in stock at their local store, only for the Argos website to say otherwise at a later date.

One said: "Argos website showing PS5 available to add to basket but error message when you do.

"Could be high traffic issues, or you could just be too late."

Posting a picture of their potential PS5 order, a second said: "It says in stock at my nearest Argos for click and collect but it says you cannot check stock atm?"

While a third added: "Bear in mind I’ve been doing it since 3am… is it worth clicking pay now and collect repeatedly?"

Several more said they’d been able to get through to the website, place the order, and pay, only for Argos to send them a cancellation email hours later.

One person said: "Argos have said the have no record of my order but have taken £900 out my bank account and can’t return it for 5 days.

"It’s a joke worst thing is no Playstation 5."

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Another said: "Thought I had ordered a Playstation 5 early this morning, went back to bed and realised I’ve received a cancellation email."

"Is this some sort of torture experiment or is the fact I've been trying to pay for this PS5 in my trolly since 7pm a normal experience on the site," added a disgruntled customer.

Argos did appear to have some happy customers however, as the few who did manage to bag themselves a console gloated online.

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One woman said she had ordered the PS5 at 3.58 and it had been delivered to her by 7am, with others reporting similar delivery times.

A man, who appears to be a key worker, said: "Daaaaamn @Argos_Online you quick.

"Order placed at 0149 when the stock dropped this morning. Delivered by 0830."

"Finally!! I have managed to get one. Ordered at 2am, dispatched at 7am, delivered at 7.45am, thanks Argos. I can relax now and turn my notifications off again," said one happy customer.

In a statement, Argos told Daily Star: "It’s clear our customers are excited for the new PlayStation.

"We released a small amount of additional stock and have seen huge numbers of customers trying to place their orders with us and we have now sold out."

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