iPhone cameras are fake claims TikTok influencer – then she gets trolled

A TikTok influencer is getting rinsed by her followers after posting a video purporting to be evidence of that two of the iPhone's three cameras are fake.

In the clip, TikTok user kaylathayla writes "Apple explain wtfff" on screen, before slowly covering each of the three lenses of the iPhone. When she covers the final lens, it obscures the video completely. She captioned it: "I'm so confused… are they fake?" and hashtagged it 'conspiracies'.

The influencer was quickly met with trolling in the comments by her followers, who explained that the three cameras have different functions and aren't always used at the same time—especially as she just hadn't switched them on.

"Tell me ur American without actually telling me", one user wrote. Others said: "She slower than my internet", "it's okay to delete this it's not too late", and "I don't want to be part of Gen Z anymore".

The new iPhones have three different camera lenses which offer a range of functions depending on what kind of photo or video you're taking.

Billed as Apple's "three most powerful cameras ever", the Pro models feature new primary sensors and a faster f/1.5 ultrawide lens.

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They've also upgraded the telephoto lens, which now has a new Night mode and enhanced zoom.

An AI setting can also detect when there are stars in view and adjust focus and exposure to help you take some killer night snaps.

To make the most of the iPhone's three cameras, you have to switch between different shooting modes using the on-screen icons, something that this TikTok user clearly wasn't aware of.

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