Playstation fans furious as Google says Xbox is world’s most popular console

The so-called console wars may finally be coming to an end.

Google has spoken, and Playstation gamers might not like what it has to say. According to data from the search engine giant, Xbox is the most searched-for gaming console worldwide, beating out the PS5 and the Nintendo Switch in 24 out of 55 countries.

Although Playstation 5 is the best selling console, it seems people are more interested in the new Xbox, which is just as hard to come by as its elusive next-gen sibling.

Researchers at gambling site Casino Scores analysed data over the past 12 months across Google web, news, image, and shopping searches, as well as YouTube.

The Xbox Series X | S consistently outranked the competition over the past 12 months in terms of search volume, although Playstation 5 received the most Google web and news searches worldwide.

In the UK, the new Xbox nabbed 53% of searches compared to the Playstation 5's 31%, with just 16% for the Nintendo Switch.

Meanwhile, in the US, the Xbox made up nearly half of combined searches for the three consoles, with 22 percent for the Switch and 29 percent for the PS5.

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Despite the high online interest in the Xbox over the last year, however, it still sold the least units. The PS5 made 7.8 million sales, followed closely behind by the Switch at 7.63 million, with the Xbox series coming in at 5.3 million.

All three consoles are in extremely high demand right now owing to a semiconductor shortage which analysts say could lead to shortages of major consoles and basic household electronics this Christmas.

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Where to nab a Playstation, Xbox, or Nintendo Switch during stock shortages

You can keep track of where next-gen consoles will be made available for sale again via a number of Twitter accounts:

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