Apple fans outraged as new MacBook adds ‘useless’ notch design

Apple fans are in uproar as the tech giant announced plans last night to add the controversial iPhone 'notch' to its new high-end MacBook Pro.

Last night's October Apple event saw the company unveil brand new 14 and 16-inch Pro laptops, or what they call the "world's best pro notebook".

The new model promises to pack a punch with some high-end hardware under the hood, such as a crystal-clear Liquid Retina XDR display, a 1080p FaceTime camera, as well as a supercharged processor.

It also includes hi-fi audio thanks to six built-in speakers including subwoofers.

While the new additions have been well received by most, there's one feature that hasn't: the dreaded 'notch'.

The 'notch' sees a middle section at the top of the screen cut out to make room for the device camera and sensors, including FaceID.

While Apple argue it allows them to add more screen space and hide away unsightly sensors, it's still widely unpopular as some would rather have this kit placed into the frame of the device.

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It may be functional, thousands have taken to Twitter to moan about the unpopular design, which was first introduced with the iPhone X.

"If the new Macbook didn't have a useless notch, it would've been the perfect laptop", wrote one Twitter user.

Others claim it is a marketing ploy: "Adding a notch to the MacBook Pro allows Apple to sell consumers on how they’ll shrink it over the next 4-5 years. But before they shrink the notch, they’ll add Face ID to justify it further."

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One man tried to convince others that there are just more important things in life: "I do not care about the MacBook having a notch because first of all: You’re gaining screen real estate.

"Secondly I’m a grown-up and it doesn’t matter it’s just a computer, go outside"

You can see the full list of new Macbook features here.

Apple also unveiled a new generation of AirPods with better battery life, spatial audio, and increased sweat resistance.

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