New MacBook Pro could be revealed tomorrow with everything you’ve ever wanted in a laptop

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MacBook fans have a hugely exciting few hours ahead as Apple is widely-tipped to launch some all-new laptops at its “Unleashed” event, which will be streamed live from its Cupertino HQ tomorrow night. Official invites to this showcase were sent out last week and although the US technology firm is being as secretive as usual there’s plenty to suggest that a new MacBook Pro range is coming and could offer all of the treats and upgrades that users have been desperately waiting for.

We’ll find out full details tomorrow night, but ahead of the huge reveal, there’s been a raft of rumours that, if true, will make these the best laptops Apple has ever made.

First up, rumours suggest that the latest MacBook Pros will be powered by a new M1X processor, which will help bring some serious performance gains to these portable PCs. The current Apple-made M1 chip, which features in MacBook Air, entry-level MacBook Pro and new iMac, has already been impressing with it producing powerful performance and extended battery life.

But things could get taken to a whole new level if Apple unveils an X version of the system-on-a-chip on stage tomorrow.

These upgraded brains could help to make the next generation of MacBooks ideal for photo and video editing on the move and should also mean fewer times when owners need to find a plug – something that can’t be said for many of the Intel-powered MacBooks that seem to run dry within a few hours of switching them on.

Along with that upgraded chip, we’re also expecting some design changes including a screen that pushes closer to the edge of the aluminium case and the removal of the Touch Bar screen that currently runs across the keyboard.

This display, which changes depending on the application you are using, has divided opinion since it first arrived back 2016 with some loving what it offers whilst others simply feeling it’s a total waste of time and battery life. It’ll be interesting to see whether Apple ditches this technology entirely and what will replace it.

The next big rumour is sure to go down well with all MacBook fans. It suggests that Apple will bring back the famous MagSafe connection on the charger. This was ditched back in 2017 and replaced by a standard USB-C port which made some sense as it means you can charge the MacBook on either side.

However, the beauty of MagSafe was if someone tripped on the power cord it instantly pops out of the Mac without the hugely expensive machine flying across the room – a luxury not found with the tight-fitting USB-C socket.

Another rumour doing the rounds is that Apple is also bringing back an SD Card reader which will allow photographers to plug their cards straight into the MacBook without needing a bag full of dongles and also it’s thought that all models will ship with bigger hard drives and more RAM as standard.

Finally, we could see the smaller 13.3-inch MacBook get a boost with its replacement getting a bigger 14-inch Micro LED panel. Like the current 16-inch model, this will be made possible thanks to smaller bezels around the display.

There’s certainly a lot expected from tomorrow’s keynote and will bring you all the news live as it happens so watch this space. Things kick off from 6pm BST.

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