Virgin Media broadband users could soon be treated to a truly epic speed boost

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Virgin Media O2 continues to roll out its ultrafast Gig1 broadband across the UK with around 12 million homes now able to access these ultimate speeds. If you weren’t aware, this 1Gbps technology allows users to download full HD movies in under 40 seconds and is around 14 times faster than the current UK average.

Virgin Media Gigabit broadband

If you’re looking for the fastest broadband speeds around then Virgin Media’s Gigabit broadband is the service for you. The Gig1 service offers lightning-fast 1,130Mbps upload speeds, which is ideal for streaming Ultra HD boxsets and movies or if you game often. The Gigabit broadband on its own costs £62 a month for an 18 month contract, with a £35 setup fee.

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Virgin Media Gigabit broadband + landline phone

If you’re after a landline phone as well then you get that bundled with Gigabit broadband for £64 a month. This is once again an 18 month contract and will require a £35 setup fee. Both Gigabit plans include the Virgin Media Hub 4, described as including the firm’s “best WiFi hardware specs”.

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