Nicola Sturgeon slammed for trying to hijack gas crisis: ‘Another disaster in making’

Nicola Sturgeon 'should get used to defeat' says Christys

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In the face of a gas crisis, Ms Sturgeon called for licences to extract oil and gas from the North Sea to be reassessed by Prime Minister Boris Johnson to tackle climate change. The Scottish First Minister also said that communities must not be left behind as her country makes the transition to different energy sources, warning that Scotland must “be careful”. The leader of the SNP also warned that the supply of oil and gas cannot be immediately switched off as that could result in a spike in imports and pile on the economic pressure due to mass lay-offs.

Giving a TED Talk in Edinburgh on Wednesday, ahead of next month’s COP26 climate conference, Ms Sturgeon said: “We’ve got to be careful that we don’t leave people and communities behind in that transition.

“We’ve got to be careful we don’t switch domestic production to imports of oil and gas – that would be counter-productive.

“So the way in which we make the transition matters, but we can’t have business as usual, because if we keep telling ourselves we can rely on fossil fuels forever, then we’ll never make that transition and that’s the key point we’ve got to address.”

But many quickly took to social media to criticise Ms Sturgeon for trying to score political points during a crisis.

Tony Forrest said: “Not sure about what the Anglophobic bigot Sturgeon means with “oil and gas,” but leave me well alone and behind when she attempts to take Scotland from sane and rational to deranged.”

Thomas Ingram wrote: “How can we transition away from oil and gas? Just another Sturgeon disaster in the making.”

Twitter user Mo said: “Three things gave the working class freedom –unions, now smashed, woke or to left.

“The car, we use to get around – they want that off us.

“Cheap flights, we got to see the world, but they don’t want that.

“It’s not about climate change it’s about elitism!”

And @backagain08 posted: “This woman is on the ball. Mind you, the gas Scotland should avoid at all costs is the hot stuff coming from Sturgeon herself!”

Ms Sturgeon’s comments come less than a month before the key climate summit that is to be hosted in Glasgow.

She has already been looking to impress other world leaders by trying to lead the pack on climate change.

Her aim to transition away from fossil fuels was likely a bid to head into the summit in good stead.

She said on Wednesday that the smaller countries should be playing their part in addressing the climate crisis.

Ms Sturgeon commented: “My point today is that yes, big countries matter, but the leadership of small nations matters too.

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“If we raise our ambition and if we follow that through with action, then we can spur the bigger countries to go further and faster too,”

Speaking about the upcoming COP, Ms Sturgeon said: “Glasgow, and the agreement that comes out of Glasgow, must – in detail, not in rhetoric, in detailed funding commitments and in other commitments – have the ability to meet the Paris objective.”

But Sturgeon must be careful not to isolate Scotland from the rest of the UK as the world tries to move forward and tackle the crisis together.

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