Cop with weird ‘alien’ moon landing theory gets tattoo sleeve of conspiracies

A police sergeant and firefighter who believes the American government played a part in 9/11 has revealed his new tattoo sleeve of conspiracy theories.

TJ Hall said he is not concerned about trolling or criticism because he has done “extensive” research.

That includes questioning the truth surrounding the 1969 moon landing because Neil A (Neil Armstrong) is alien spelled backwards.

The 31-year-old dad said he had spent more than $2,500 (£1,800) on the inking, which took 21 hours to complete.

He told the Daily Star: “I am not worried about backlash because these are my beliefs and I have researched them and read about them extensively.

“I believe in all my conspiracy theories but that doesn’t mean that I’m not willing to learn and keep an open mind about other views and opinions.

“The reaction from others has been excellent.”

The tattoos on his right arm also depict an Area 51 warning and a quote saying "the truth will set us free".

A picture on his elbow also symbolises a big bang in outer space with meteors exploding in different directions.

And under a picture of smoke billowing from the twin towers, another quote reads: “Real eyes realize real lies.”

Explaining why he got the words inked, TJ said: “To me that part symbolises the fact that you can’t always fall into the trap that the government and media try to force feed you with.

“It is always best to do your own research and use that information as a deciding factor on what you believe.”

He also said his 9/11 artwork highlights the speculation that “all three towers were unmanned at the time of the attacks” where almost 3,000 people lost their lives.

TJ, who also works as a SWAT Operator with a police department in North Carolina, said he always wanted a tattoo sleeve but had no design ideas.

But that was until he and his wife went on holiday to Destin, Florida.

He said he bought a book called ‘Behold a Pale Horse' for the trip and has been “hooked” on conspiracy theories ever since.

TJ added: “I got the World Trade Centres from September 11 2001 on my inner bicep because after reading a chapter in the book called American Conspiracies it opened my eyes that our own government could have played a part in the collapse of the towers.

“I have done research on this subject matter by reading articles and watching footage of the events that day.”

The conspiracy tatts were designed by Phillip Hollar at Wicked Needle in Rutherfordton.

And the tattoo artist also added a portrait of former President John F. Kennedy.

TJ said: “It is speculated that JFK lost his life because he was trying to get the military to release documents indicating what they are really doing in the military installation, Area 51.”

Area 51 is the name for the US Air Force base that is north of Las Vegas.

The secrecy surrounding it has inspired speculation, particularly to do with aliens.

Conspiracy theories believe UFOs are often spotted on or near the site and that alien abductions have taken place.

TJ also has an “all seeing eye” tattoo to show that the government is “always watching” us.

He said he is planning another arm sleeve and a leg sleeve within the year inspired by conspiracy theories.

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