Facebook keeps a hidden map of your location history – here's how to find it

Facebook is probably tracking your location right now (Getty)

Facebook knows a lot about you, including all the places you’ve been recently.

The social network has a hidden map that’s tied to the location history on your phone.

It grabs the GPS co-ordinates as you go about your life and records it deep within your Facebook profile.

The data is shown on a digital map that you can access at any time, whether you’re using Facebook on iOS or Android.

The US tech giant will also record what shops or businesses it believes you have visited and any times you were moving from one location to another.

Your location history is searchable – so users can find out what data Facebook has recorded on any given date.

While some may find this level of data useful, there’s no doubt others won’t be happy with Facebook knowing their every move.

The good news is that you can turn off the setting on the Facebook app and, if you want, have your entire location history deleted.

Follow the steps below to find out how to do it.

How to view your Location History on Facebook

Location history is hidden in the submenus of your Facebook profile, if you’re using the Facebook app, here’s how to find it.

Open up Facebook either on your iPhone or Android device and tap the menu button represented as three horizontal lines.

Open the Settings & Privacy option and tap on the Privacy Shortcuts option.

Tap on the Manage your location settings option.

Tap on the Location history option that should have a small cog wheel next to it.

Toggle the Location history slider on and off to have Facebook record your location.

If you want to delete your location history, open it up and then tap the ‘More’ option then select either ‘Delete this day’ or ‘Delete all Location history.

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