Google Maps users discover mountain range with same name as female genitals

It appears Google Maps users have finally located the clitoris – just not the one women were hoping to be found.

Users shared their delight on Twitter after finding Mount Clitoris in the Philippines, as it shares its name with the part of a woman's anatomy that is responsible for the female orgasm.

Hilariously replying to a viral tweet that said "I don't argue with people who can't locate the clitoris," one person replied saying "I found it on Google Maps."

Another user said: "Guide: If you just look over this way, you’ll find Mount Clitoris! Men: Where?"

Others poked fun at the site saying they "still couldn't find it" and that it "'Tis a fabled myth. A fool's errand. It doesn't exist."

One hysterical review left on Google Maps said: "Very good to explore, plenty of fun. definitely recommend."

The mountain province is situated at Tadian in the Philippines.

According to Travel My Globe, Mount Clitoris, more popularly known as Mount Mogao, would require travellers to trek following the trail down the valley and a zigzag road up to the small village of Cagubatan.

The site quite hilariously says 'it is a hidden gem tucked away waiting to be explored.'

The news comes after an eagle-eyed Google Maps user spotted a bizarre sign warning onlookers about "naked people" up ahead.

The strange roadside marker was discovered in the Central American country of Belize, with the sign being uploaded to Reddit.

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The sign reads in block capital letters: "Slo down naked people ahead."

It remains to be seen what the sign refers to and who these mysterious naked people are.

One commenter joked: "Run faster," appearing to joke that they would run towards the aforementioned naked people.

The original poster said the sign is situated near the Hamanasi Adventure, a diving resort in the Caribbean country, before adding they cannot remember the exact location.

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