Energy crisis: National Grid warns of winter power shortage and ‘significant price spikes’

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In two separate “winter outlook” reports, the energy company sought to offer reassurance that Britain should not face blackouts, but said the risk of power shortages this winter will be the highest in five years. They said that Britain should not run out of gas, but must be prepared to outbid other countries to secure scarce global supplies. It comes following a global squeeze of supplies that has seen prices reach record highs.


The company has not indicated what price consumers might have to pay to prevent energy shortages, but warned of “significant price spikes”.t

It forecast that spare electricity margins would fall to 6.6 percent, the lowest since winter 2016-17, but should be “sufficient”.

Fintan Slye, executive director of the National Grid elecricity system operator, said: “We are confident that there will be enough capacity available to keep Britain’s lights on.”

National Grid said that there should also be a “positive gas supply margin”, with maximum gas “supply capability” comparable to last winter and demand forecast to be down due to more renewable sources.

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