Eerie tale of real Men In Black – silent copters and lost doc given to Spielberg

The UFO cover-up is quite simply the most incompetent government cover-up of all time.

There are countless reports of sightings both by civilians and military personnel, and “leaks” of government documents reveal decades of contact between the US government and alien visitors.

But there’s a growing body of evidence that the UFO “cover-up” is in fact not a cover-up at all, but an expert piece of misinformation.

In 1979, an electronics entrepreneur named Paul Bennewitz reported seeing unexplained lights in the sky near his New Mexico home, and picking up eerie coded messages on his ham radio setup.

As time went on, he became convinced that aliens were establishing a base camp nearby and mutilating the local ranchers’ cattle.

The extraterrestrials were drawn to the area, Bennewitz believed, because of the presence nearby of both Kirtland Air Force Base and the Manzano Nuclear Weapons Storage Facility and Coyote Canyon Test Area.

But, claims former Air Force special investigations officer Richard Doty, Bennewitz had simply stumbled on tests of experimental military aircraft.

While UFO devotees speak of “The Men In Black” forcing to them to remain silent about their discoveries, Doty says he was a real “Man In Black” who went around helping people to believe in the phenomenon.

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Rather than shutting down Bennewitz’s “UFO investigation,” Doty claims, the USAF encouraged his beliefs and even gave him computer equipment that "translated" the alien transmissions.

In the documentary film Mirage Men, Doty reveals that he had even placed fake “UFO debris” in the desert for Bennewitz to discover.

He claims he was ordered to fool Bennewitz into believing in an imminent alien invasion in order to prevent the UFO investigator talking about the secret USAF projects.

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In Mirage Men, the pilots of the US military’s experimental stealth helicopters also say they hung flashing lights from their machines to confuse witnesses.

Wikileaks founder Julian Assange said that that "many weirdos email us about UFOs” but he had never found any proof of extraterrestrial contact among the countless secret government documents he had seen.

However, when former National Security Agency analyst Edward Snowden leaked a series of highly classified documents, one of them was a slideshow called The Art of Deception: Training for a New Generation of Online Covert Operations, which was apparently made inside the UK’s intelligence hub GCHQ .

Detailing various techniques for distributing misinformation to confuse enemy operatives, it advised "Swap the real for the false and vice versa”.

Three illustrations in the slideshow were faked UFO images.

Hollywood veteran Robert Emenegger claims that in 1971 he was shown film of a “real” UFO landing by US government insiders, and asked to prepare a feature-length documentary outlining fevering the Pentagon knew about the visitors.

In his final film, entitled UFOs: Past, Present, and Future, the “real” film is missing and is replaced with a re-enactment.

Narrator Rod Serling described the moment: "Stepping forward, are one, then two, and a third of what appear to be men, dressed in tight-fitting jumpsuits.

“Perhaps short, by our standards, with an odd blue-grey complexion. Eyes set far apart, a large pronounced nose, they wear a headpiece that resembles a rope-like design."

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“The commander and two scientists step forward to greet the visitors," the narrator continues. "Arrangements are made by some sort of communication, and the group quickly retires to an inner office in the 'King 1' area. Left behind stand a stunned group of military personnel.

“Who the visitors are, and where they're from, and what they want, is unknown.”

Now almost forgotten, Emenegger’s film was nominated for Best Documentary Film at the 1976 Golden Globe Awards. He claims he gave the "lost" original footage of the 1964 alien landing to Steven Spielberg, inspiring the climax of the 1977 movie Close Encounters of the Third Kind.

The Washington Observer reported in November 1974 that evidence would be drip-fed to the public “over a period of years” that would establish the truth about alien contact and mentioned Emenegger’s film as a key part of the program.

Is the gradual exposure of more and more UFO evidence still preparing us for the shocking truth?

Or, as former Man In Black Richard Doty claims, is the whole UFO phenomenon a deception to conceal various top secret military projects such as the stealth fighter and “silent” helicopter?

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