Woman stunned to see ‘periscope’ object sticking out of sea near coast

A woman was baffled when she saw an odd object "sticking out of the sea" like a submarine periscope.

Delicia Phillips was visiting Newquay in Cornwall on holiday and went to the coast to watch the sunset until she noticed something out of place in the waters.

Video she shared shows an object of a slim object floating in the sea.

There are no ships or boats around the area as she records it on her mobile phone.

She told Cornwall Live: "I saw it at around 7.20pm. I was parked in Dane Road car park.

"I wanted to see the sunset. I sat there watching the sea and saw a couple come in on a kayak.

"I then saw the object and thought – 'what is that?' so I started filming and couldn't figure out what I was looking at."

Curious to find out more about the object, she stopped a local resident who was walking his dog and asked him what he thought and he also had no clue at all.

"It was very strange," Delicia continued.

"It looked to me like a periscope of a submarine, but I don't think a submarine would come that far inland."

The 47-year-old from Lincoln, however, even sent a zoomed-in picture to her friends at work, as well as a UFO website for more opinions.

"When I zoomed in I realised it didn't look like a person or anything, it was like a stick," she said.

"Some people have said they think it was a floating stick or a buoy.

"I just want to know what it is, I'm intrigued, it's been playing on my mind. It moves too smoothy and at pace to be a floating stick or buoy."

This came after a man spotted a bright light zooming across the sky at speed above Tyldesley, Wigan.

The circular spot glowing in the dark as it travels in a linear direction from right to left and disappeared from the camera.

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