Sturgeon slammed for trying to ‘outshine’ PM: ‘Gap between what she says and does!’

Nicola Sturgeon branded an 'international humiliation'

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The leader of the Scottish National Party (SNP) is preparing for Glasgow to host the COP26, where global leaders and international media will flock to the city for climate change talks. And she has set her ambitions high, with a goal of delivering net-zero emissions by 2045 – five years before Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s 2050 target – a move some believe is an attempt to “outshine” Westminster.

But Scotland has failed to reach its carbon reduction targets for the last three years running and some believe that Ms Sturgeon has bitten off more than she can chew

UK Energy Alliance (UEA) CEO Mike Foster told “There’s always a gap between what Nicola Sturgeon says and what Nicola Sturgeon delivers.

“I’m reluctant to go down the route to say that she got it right.”

Mr Foster appears to share a view with Fabrice Leveque, head of policy for charity WWF.

He said: “Despite some positive progress in key sectors, including transport and heat, the pace continues to fall short of where we need to be if we’re to meet our net-zero ambitions.

“It’s critical that transformative action is taken, especially in agriculture, where emissions are flat-lining.”

Monica Lennon, Scottish Labour spokeswoman for net zero, energy and transport, also appears to agree with this line of thinking.

She previously said: ”Empty promises and missed targets are not good enough in a climate emergency.

“In the year of COP26, when Scotland should be leading the world, we are instead failing on the basics.

“We need bold action now to get us back on track to meet these crucial targets.”

But Mr Foster is impressed by Ms Sturgeon’s commitment to renewable energy as a whole.

He added: “Anybody that is willing to invest in low-carbon alternatives such as hydrogen as a way forward to avoid reliance on fossil fuel gas is making the right decisions.

“But you have to deliver and that’s going to be the challenge.”

And the Scottish Government has vowed to keep that ambition up.

They recently signed a power-sharing agreement with the Scottish Green Party, who are also in support of an independent Scotland like the SNP.

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They promised: “We are transitioning to a net-zero emissions Scotland for the benefit of our environment, our people, and our prosperity.

“Scotland’s world-leading climate change legislation sets a target date for net-zero emissions of all greenhouse gases by 2045.

“Our contribution to climate change will end, definitively, within one generation.

“We published our Climate Change Plan update in December 2020 which reflects the increased ambition of the new targets set in the Climate Change Act 2019.”

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