Tesla’s ‘Death Beam’ brought to life – new invention can bring down PLANES

Thomas Edison: Experts say inventor ‘betrayed’ Nikola Tesla

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The electric prototype is capable of killing from a distance of 500km, according to the Nikola Tesla Graduate School. This would include destroying any aircraft within this distance.

It is, however, constructed for use as a “defensive weapon only”.

Professor Adrian David Cheok has developed the working prototype after a decade of research and development.

The research was funded by the Malaysian Government Agency, Khazanah Nasional.

The finishing touches were put to the prototype after Professor Cheok returned to Australia in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic.

He completed the ten-year undertaking with the help of professors from the University of Adelaide.

The device is thought to be silent, sending “concentrated beams of particles through the free air”.

The energy involved “will bring down planes at a distance of up to 500km, and can kill soldiers without a trace,” according to a statement announcing the breakthrough.

It continues that the device “operates silently but effectively at huge distances the curvature of the earth would permit”.

Professor Cheok described the four individual inventions which are part of the “Death Beam.”

He explained that one was responsible for producing rays, and the second for “huge electrical forces”.

The third invention amplifies the second invention, and the final invention produces “a tremendous electrical repelling force”.

The ‘Death Beam’ was conceived by the Serbian-American inventor in the Thirties.

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He invented the ‘Death Beam’ aged 78, but passed away in 1943 before putting his idea into practice.

In his later years, he called the invention “teleforce”.

Tesla is perhaps most famous for his invention of the alternating current (AC) electrical system.

This electrical system remains widely used across the world.

He is also credited with the creation of the ‘Tesla coil’, which became key in wireless technologies and is still in use today.

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