Group fundraising to send ‘bag of d***s to MP’ for ‘unsolicited text messages’

A group of Australians is trying to raise money to send a 'massive bag of d***s' to the office of a government official.

MP Craig Kelly has come under fire recently for sending unsolicited text messages from the United Australia Party (UAP) to Aussies that essentially slag off the political competition.

The texts which state "you can never trust the Liberals, Labor or Greens again," were reportedly authorised by Mr Kelly, who is now a member of the UAP after defecting from the Liberal Party, LadBible reports.

It appears the messages have caused a stir among Aussies and one group, in particular, have devised a unique revenge plot.

'C**k Block Craig Kelly' is trying to raise upwards of $15,000 (£7946) to send hundreds of dildos to Mr Kelly's office as a big middle finger to the politician.

The fundraising site said: "Millions of Australians have gotten nuisance texts from Craig Kelly and Clive Palmer's United Australia Party, but can't opt-out.

"If we can't stop the UAP texting us with dangerous misinformation, we reckon the next best thing is to deliver Craig a message he can't ignore: a very big bag of d***s.

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"Political parties are exempt from anti-spam laws. Craig Kelly is using this loophole to spread health misinformation that puts everyone at risk."

So far, the group have managed to raise just over 11% of their goal, raking in $1,708 (£904) at the time of writing.

Replying to the campaign, a donator said: "Everyone should also sign up all his ministerial office emails to every email list out there and see how he’d like to be called, messages and emailed with spam. Just go on every Elsie and sign him up! Fun lockdown project!!"

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