IKEA will launch a line of furniture for gamers next month

IKEA ventures into the world of GAMING: Swedish firm will launch a line of furniture for gamers next month, including desks, chairs and accessories

  • IKEA has teamed up with the Republic of Gamers to launch a new furniture line
  • It includes desks and accessories, ranging in price from £7.50 to £350
  • The new range will be available online and in store from October 1 

It’s the go-to store for people looking for furniture on a budget, and now IKEA has announced that it’s venturing into the world of gaming.

The Swedish firm will launch a range of furniture for gamers next month in collaboration with Republic of Gamers (ROG).

The range will include desks, chairs and accessories, ranging in price from £7.50 to £350.

‘We believe there’s a lot to be done to democratise the gaming experience’, said Ewa Rychert, Global Business Leader of Workspaces at IKEA.

‘We’ve taken the first step on our gaming journey, and have done it by offering consumers affordable, high-performing gaming products and complete home solutions that we hope reflect people’s personality and taste.’

The Swedish firm will launch a range of furniture for gamers next month in collaboration with Republic of Gamers (ROG)

Common gaming injuries 

According to a recent report by Casinosource, the five most common gaming injuries are: 

The gaming range will include six product families – UPPSPEL, which is designed in collaboration with ROG, and LÅNESPELARE, MATCHSPEL, GRUPPSPEL, UTESPELARE and HUVUDSPELARE, which were solely designed by IKEA.

In total, the gaming range includes more than 30 products.

This includes furniture such as gaming desks, chairs and drawer units, and accessories, such as mug holders, neck pillow and ring lights.

Johnny Chan, a designer at ROG, said: ‘We know a lot about gamer needs, pain points and expectations, and we want to design solutions for ultimate, immersive gaming experiences.’

The gaming range will go on sale on October 1, both in store and online.

While buying furniture specifically for gaming may seem excessive for some, a recent study found that using the wrong equpiment can actually result in some nasty injuries.

The study, by Pew Research, found that the most common injuries seen in gamers are overuse injuries of the hands, including carpal tunnel syndrome, tendonitis and synovitis. 

Dr Pedro Beredjiklian, from Jefferson Health, explained: ‘A lot of these problems are caused by non-ergonomic designs in the devices.

‘The keyboards become smaller and smaller. As technology gets smaller, it becomes harder for the hand, causing inflammation.’ 

This isn’t the first time that IKEA has ventured beyond the world of furniture.

In 2019, IKEA launched its first range of smart products, including speakers designed in collaboration with Sonos. 

Some of the cheaper items in IKEA’s new range include accessories such as this hand-shaped headphone holder and cup holder

Evanthia Nikoglou, Home Smart Sales Leader at IKEA UK and Ireland said: ‘Sound is a powerful mood booster and is as important for creating the perfect atmosphere at home as any rug, art piece, or sofa. 

‘Designed in collaboration with Sonos, the new SYMFONISK speakers blend effortlessly into the home in a versatile way, allowing you to really set the mood within your home by furnishing with sound. 

‘The speakers can also be used with the SYMFONSIK remote, which allows users to control play and volume without their phone.’ 

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