Everything you need to know about iPhone 13 from camera to weight and battery

With less than one day to go until the iPhone 13 is revealed, many of the details of Apple's latest smartphones are badly-kept secrets by now.

Tomorrow's livestreamed 'Apple Event' is set to unveil four new iPhones to succeed Apple's blockbuster iPhone 12 series.

Recent leaks suggest the company will be releasing two 'Pro' iPhones with 6.1 – 6.7 inch screens, and two standard models with 5.4 and 6.1 inch screens respectively.

According to reliable Apple insiders, the iPhone 13 is not going to be a complete break with the past, but will instead add new and improved features to what came before.

The iPhone 13: key features and what we know so far

Price: Apple are unlikely to increase the price of the new iPhones, despite them using more expensive chipsets than before. That means you can expect prices to start at around £799, as with the iPhone 12

Battery: The new iPhone 13 range is expected to have larger batteries than before, with the 'Pro Max' model seeing an 18-20 percent larger battery.

Weight and size: Device weight and thickness is expected to increase across the board, particularly with the flagship 'Pro Max' model. There will be an 'iPhone 13 Mini' that is likely to be more affordable – at the cost of some screen size.

Camera: Many of the major changes to the iPhone this time around will be to the camera. It's set to include a portrait filming mode along with a larger camera array and, rumour has it, an upgraded 'night mode' that will allow you to take some killer snaps of the stars.

Storage: Some rumours suggest that the iPhone 13 Pro models could feature as much as 1 TB of storage, a whopping increase on the previous 512 GB maximum. Given that the iPhone doesn't take SD cards, you'll need it. The iPhone 13 Mini meanwhile will feature 64gb and 128gb storage

Colours: According to a Ukrainian website that has listed the products on its store already, the iPhone 13 Mini is likely to come in black, blue, purple, pink, white and PRODUCT (Red). Meanwhile, the Pro models will be available in black, silver, gold, and bronze.

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All the models will feature wireless charging as standard. Allegedly, they will also include satellite connectivity for emergency calls in areas with no mobile coverage, as well as some snazzy new display technology.

This includes 120hz displays, which refers to the speed at which a screen 'refreshes' – meaning you might see much smoother animations and crisper visuals. The iPhone's 'notch' is also set for a resize. It is said that the new models will be available to buy from tomorrow.

Apple fans should also keep an eye out for news on the Apple Watch, the new Airpods, and even some new iPads.

The Apple Event will stream from 6PM UK time or 1PM ET tomorrow, Tuesday 14 September, via Apple's website.

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