Dog left ‘looking like armadillo’ after trip to groomers and people are divided

Every dog owner knows how important it is to groom your dog. This is especially true for the more fluffy breeds that tend to be more high maintenance, like poodles and cockapoos.

Getting your pet's coat groomed professionally is a popular option for getting a sleek and adorable style. Sometimes a trip to the groomers can lead to disastrous, albeit hilarious end results.

On occasion, these funny-looking hairstyles aren't the result of a mishap, but rather a specific request that the owner asked for, reports TeamDogs.

Often pet owners do fancy the traditional 'breed standard' looks for their pets, but rather want these pups to stand out with more creative styles. Hence they give the groomers a green light to go and play around with colours and cutting techniques for a more quirky transformation.

One dog who had a rather unusual makeover was left looking like an ‘armadillo’ after a trip to the groomers.

In a video posted on Tik Tok by @juliafedotova23, the dog has lines shaved into his grey fur in a diagonal pattern, and it seems many of us found it highly amusing with the video receiving 320.2k likes.

On her Instagram page, the groomer promises to create a special image for her customers. "Champion in creative grooming" her bio reads.

Many were quick to comment as to what the dog now resembles with his new look.

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One commented: “Brought in a dog, left with an Armadillo.”

A second said: “Dogs are wearing 90s puffy jackets now?”

A third wrote: “Oooooo! Fancy! Looks like armour. Calm down people, it didn’t hurt the pooch and it grows out. I like it!”

“Dog look a car tire now,” said another.

One user joked: “It’s a yorkidillo.”

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