Huge 60ft ‘metallic UFO’ spotted half-submerged in Antarctica on Google Earth

An alien hunter was left baffled after spotting a metallic UFO "resting" in the water in Antarctica.

Conspiracy theorist Graham, who runs YouTube channel Conspiracy Depot, said the apparent craft appeared to be 60ft long and part of it was "submerged" into the water.

In the video, the UFO enthusiast shows viewers how to view the object on Google Earth.

He says: "We're going to take a trip back down to Antarctica, we are going to a small island called Two Hummock Island and it's in this location that I can see some kind of metallic object just resting in the water, just off the coast.

"I don't think there's any dispute that this object looks metallic and I believe it to be triangular."

He zooms in on the shiny-looking "craft" and describes it as "smooth with some dome feature protruding from the top".

"It looks metallic, it looks very smooth with some kind of dome feature protruding from the top of it and it seems to be resting on the water.

Graham makes a mark on the area that shows the distinguished colour difference in the water and says: "I believe this point here is where it begins to be submerged."

He then points out a lighter shade in the water, which he believed is the tip of the craft.

By measuring a direct distance across these points, Graham estimates the UFO is 55ft wide and 60ft long.

"Whatever it is, it's a good-sized object," he narrates. "I don't think it's natural. It looks nothing like the surrounding terrain."

He briefly scanned over the Two Hummock island and believed this is the only metallic craft he could find.

Viewers were intrigued by Graham's finding and some went on to Google Earth for a quick search.

One said: "Have a good look on the snow as there is something bigger there. Have a look!"

Another wondered: "What rests in those waters?"

This came after a man made a discovery of a group of "creepy men in white cloaks standing in circle" in a deserted town.

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