Mystery as UFO falls out of sky leaving trail of smoke then crashes into sea

Baffling footage has emerged of a long, mysterious UFO with an apparent smoke trail slowly descending from the sky before landing in the sea.

The bizarre incident was filmed at Jangkar Beach in the Indonesia province of East Java.

In footage that has gone viral on Facebook, the black cylindrical shape can be seen floating gently down to the waters surface.

It then seems to disappear underneath the waves as those watching can be heard questioning what they are seeing.

The clip was shared to Facebook with the caption: “What is this anchor-like thing that fell from the sky?”

It wasn’t long before thousands flooded in to offer their suggestions.

“Maybe it was a fairy who lost her wings and forget her way home,” one bizarrely said.

Another simply called it “mysterious” while others suggested it was an alien spacecraft.

Such was the frenzy over the footage, the Indonesian government’s space agency decided to investigate.

Emanuel Snugging Mumpungi of the National Institute of Aeronautics and Space, said a team had headed to its location.

He was unable to give a definitive explanation, saying: “We are still waiting for the location team to confirm.”

But one possible explanation was that it was a type of ballon.

Emanuel noted that it was “too slow to be a falling object from space”.

The footage has emerged amid a growing interest in UFOs ahead of the Pentagon’s eagerly-anticipated report on the phenomena.

Daily Star recently spoke to investigative filmmaker Jeremy Corbell, who revealed discussions had taken place within the US Navy that UFOs could potentially be emanating from an underwater base.

Jeremy, based in Los Angeles, also released footage of pyramid UFOs swarming the USS Russell and another clip of an unidentified craft disappearing into the sea near the USS Omaha in 2019.

Both pieces of footage have been confirmed as authentic by the Pentagon.

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