Google Maps user claims ‘ghosts are real’ after discovering strange image online

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A Google Maps user thinks they have come across evidence of ghosts after discovering a bizarre picture on the site.

The image, which has been uploaded to Reddit, shows what appears to be the faint outline of four people walking down the street.

The original uploader of the picture, which was taken on the island of São Miguel, in Portugal's Azores, included the tagline: "Ghosts are real."

Many Google Maps users were impressed by the eerie image.

One wrote: "Wow this looks so artistic. What a cool find!"

Another added: "Nice find."

A third joked: "It's the ghost of the Beatles," suggesting the photo mirrored the Fab Four's iconic Abbey Road album cover.

The explanation for the image was most likely a glitch on the site or a painting on the wall of the building, but that did little to tame the curiosity of Reddit detectives.

Other Reddit users were keen to praise the beauty of the island of São Miguel.

One wrote: "One of the most beautiful places in the world. I got to stay a couple of days at the hotel where this was taken (Terra Nostra Garden) during a three week trip of the Azores.

"So cool to see this here, thank you so much for posting it."

Eagle-eyed Google Maps users are often finding curious pictures on the site.

Reddit sleuths have captured many "ghosts" on camera.

They include a ghost seemingly hanging from a tree and an apparition in someone's house in Seattle, Washington, USA.

And another Google Maps mystery saw sleuths spot a "strange" ghost who was "shredded" lurking in front of a block of flats in the Egyptian capital Cairo.

The strange shape on the site was spotted in a shadow and a social media user claimed it looked like a muscular ghost.

He tweeted: “Found a f****** GHOST on google earth, he shredded af tho.”

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