NASA footage captures ‘UFO colliding with ISS’ to spark conspiracy meltdown

A UFO enthusiast believes he has spotted an "intelligent-controlled" orb zooming past the International Space Station (ISS) on NASA's live stream.

Graham, who lives in the UK, said he flinched when he was watching a port relocation in the footage from March 19.

Sharing the footage on his YouTube channel Conspiracy Depot, he explains: "As I was watching the footage, the object struck the ISS close to the camera on the station, I flinched as I was not expecting that to happen.

"The crew was performing a port relocation in the Soyuz craft to move it to the space-facing side of the station to make way for the arrival of the new crew members."

The ISS camera shows the Soyuz capsule in sight and clouds in the background as it faces towards Earth.

Seconds later, a white-coloured orb emerges from behind the capsule and quickly zooms past, heading towards the ISS.

The supposed UFO then quickly re-bounces and changes its directly by drifting away to the left.

Graham says he noticed "a few different objects" appearing in the short timeframe and described the moving orb as being a "perfect spherical shape".

He adds: "The object appears to change course and moves away from the Soyuz and the ISS at increasing speed.

"Another thing that I found interesting is the object does not seem to lose any brightness as it approaches the top of the screen and goes into shadow. Is this an indication of self-illumination?"

The UFO fan then points out a long object darting from the centre of the screen and suggests it could be "watching over" the ISS.

He adds that he heard a woman in the NASA control room saying "Uh-oh" through the telecom when the orb sped past.

She said: "The docking, uh oh, of the port is in the centre of the periscope, copy?"

Graham told Daily Star: "I have never seen anything like this to be honest, I have done many videos on my channel of strange things seen from the ISS but this is unique in that it seems to change direction which would indicate intelligent control.

"With the disclosure race ramping up leading to the release of the pentagon UFO documents in June 2021 sightings like this are going to become more frequent."

Viewer were fascinated by the footage and said they have "not seen such things like this".

"I’ve never seen one of theses orbs in space either but have seen plenty in videos on earth," one commented. "I do think more than likely the cigar shaped thing is a craft."

A second also agreed that the spheres were commonly seen on Earth, adding: "Also anything that doesn't go in a straight line is definitely intelligently controlled."

But another said it could more likely just be space debris passing the ISS.

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