Drunk lads suffer swollen penises after injecting piles cream for ‘extra girth’

Two men found themselves in hospital suffering from swollen penises after they injected piles cream into their manhoods to achieve 'extra girth'.

The drunken pair were inspired by a bogus YouTube video that offered tips on how men can watch their penis grow.

In one tutorial the video advised the men in their 30s, from France, to inject their penises with an anti-hematoma cream, which is more commonly used to treat piles.

Rather than treating their own private parts, the two men agreed to experiment on each other.

Doctors in Strasbourg, who treated the pair, explained they experienced "progressive painful swelling of the penis during the night" and went to the hospital the following morning.

Unsurprisingly, the friends told doctors they experienced pain when medics touched their penises.

Medical experts concluded that they had probably blocked their lymph vessels in the penis preventing normal filtering processes.

The rare experience led to photos of the men's painful members being published in a medical journal.

They were given medication to treat the swelling but so far have not returned for a follow-up consultation, it's been said.

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Dr Rich Viney, a consultant urologist at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Birmingham, told the MailOnline: "In this story we have two amateurs, under the influence of alcohol, injecting a product not designed to be injected in their penises under the guidance of a YouTube video.

"This was never going to work out well and there's a real likelihood that there will be irreversible damage with long term implications for their erections. This is something no right-minded individual would do."

Dr Viney believes that the men were looking to increase the girth of their penis which has become a popular fad in recent times.

While medics are may not be against this being done by professionals, he believes this example shows dangers from DIY attempts.

Dr Viney added: "The injection of fillers, similar to those used in the face, have been used to enhance penile girth (they can't enhance length).

"Great care needs to be taken in this setting and should only be done (if at all) by a specialist with suitable experience."

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