Esports stars earn thousands from playing games – here’s how

The best players in the world are now earning millions, with dedicated teams and companies built around them for support.

Many of these players started out gaming as a hobby but now it is a full-time career.

So how do esports gamers make money you ask? The answer is mainly through sponsorships and advertising deals.

And if your especially good, prize money can also contribute.

And how can you get involved? It’s not as simple as just being good at gaming.

The British Esports Association recommends that you volunteer for esports teams – and try to find your niche.

But keep in mind, the road to earning six figures isn’t easy – and it’s seriously competitive.

There are also serious travel costs involved if you want to compete, which can end up costing you thousands.

Which games are the most lucrative?

At the top end, Dota 2 is the highest-paid e-sports game, according to

The multiplayer online battle arena game awarded $229.4m (£164.7m) from nearly 1,500 tournaments since 2013.

The second-highest-paid e-sports game is Counter Strike: Global Offensive at $109.2m (£78.4m).

The massively popular battle royale game Fortnite pulls in $99.4m (£71.4m), finishing the top three.

Most of the top 100 players come from Dota 2.

The game’s popularity keeps increasing because of its large prize pools and different funding.

Most of the prizes come from Battle Pass purchases which come directly from the game’s store.

Players will buy in-game items improving their experience and a portion of the proceeds go directly into the prize pools.

The popularity of the game also comes from the largest e-sports event in the world, The International.

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This event, which was last held in Shanghai back in 2019 had a total prize pool worth $34.3m (£24.7m).

The next event will take place in Stockholm, Sweden this August following last year's cancelled event due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

This year’s prize pool has not yet been announced.

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