Samsung’s Galaxy S20 should be a bargain right now but UK retailers haven’t got the memo

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If you’re thinking of buying the current Galaxy S20 then our advice is don’t. This phone remains the best Galaxy S device on sale right now but things are about to change which will not only save you money but also bring some new features to your pocket. Samsung announced the release of its all-new Galaxy S21 range earlier this month with these devices arriving in stores from January 29.

The S21 not only gets an improved triple rear camera, faster performance and a screen with an adaptive 120Hz refresh rate but it also starts at a much cheaper price.

In fact, you can pop one in your online shopping basket for £769 and this price even includes full access to 5G data speeds.

Bizarrely, most retailers including Argos and Currys are still selling the S20 at its original price which means the standard non-5G model will set you back £799 and the version which includes those speedy downloads costs £899 – that’s over £130 more than the upcoming S21.

Along with the S21 being cheaper and packed with extra features, it seems almost certain that the current S20 will drop in price as soon as the latest and greatest device is released by Samsung.

Samsung unveil the new Galaxy S21 Ultra

It’s pretty standard for older phones to be discounted and although Samsung hasn’t officially revealed any news on an S20 sale you should expect to see a sizeable amount of money off these phones soon.

For those thinking of taking the plunge and buying the new S21 then there’s something else to consider.

Latest research suggests that older Samsung devices are about to lose some serious value in the coming weeks.

According to trade-in website musicMagpie, Samsung handsets can lose up to 12 percent of their current value following the first month of the new model being released. If that sounds bad – wait until to hear what comes next. musicMagpie’s data also states that a further 21 percent can be wiped off the value of your year-old smartphone after just three months of a new model hitting the market.

If sold now, customers trading in a Samsung Galaxy S20 can expect to earn up to £310, while those with a Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra in their pocket could get up to £364. Sadly, these 2020 flagships might only be worth just £245 and £288 respectively in three months’ time.

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