Conspiracy theorist ‘finds ‘340ft tall ancient warrior carving’ in mountain face

A conspiracy theorist has claimed to have discovered a giant "Greek-like warrior" statue embedded on the Argentine mountains.

Self-titled alien expert Scott C Waring, who has gained a reputation for outlandish claims, shared his latest Google Earth findings on YouTube as he showed viewers of the 340ft tall warrior-like carvings.

In the clip, he said the "statue" was carved at the mountains in the Alacalufes National Reserve, near the tip of Argentina in South America and described it as a figure wearing a crown and a cape.

He says: "The oval shape here looks like he has a shield, but I don't see any weapon or any sword.

"However there is something over the shoulder. I can't tell what it is."

The so-called truth seeker then analysed the rock pattern and believed that it resembled an ancient Greek warrior.

"This looks like a modern style and it's almost Greek like and yet it's not because of the helmet but a crown it's wearing.

"The crown it's wearing kind of divided it from everyone else and it's just really extraordinary right here."

He measures the rock to find it approximately 106 metres (347ft) tall.

Viewers were amazed by the findings and wondered how did Scott come up with the exact location.

The extraterrestrial believer replied: "13 years of art in junior high through university. You acquire an eye for detail."

Some seemed to make light of his findings and argued if it could be a "Roman statue" or specifically, a "Spartan soldier".

But one believed that Scott might be confused by pareidolia – a tendency for incorrect perception of a stimulus as an object, pattern or meaning known to the observer.

He explained: "The human mind can see all kind of faces and figures in clouds stones rocks everywhere.

"That has to do with how the brain works. So there is nothing there. Rotate it and you see probably another face."

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