UFO sighting: NASA debunks alien hunter’s claim they discovered on Moon

A verified NASA image found on the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter Camera (LROC) has been interpreted by conspiracy theorists as proof of alien activity on the lunar surface. The object in question supposedly ‘analysed’ by ET enthusiasts is an oddly-shaped mound dubbed by space agency NASA as ‘the Dome of Stevinus Crater’.

This ultra-high resolution image reveals even the smallest features on the desolate lunar image in extraordinary detail.

I found a pyramid on Earth’s moon today. It’s really big, about 1km [0.62 miles] across

Scott Waring

Among the most interesting of these is a bulge protruding out of the distinctively pockmarked part of the Moon facing our planet.

However, self-titled alien life expert Scott Waring cites this image as the latest proof an alien empire once existed so close to Earth.

Mr Waring took to his etdatabase.com blog to speculate about his latest dubious discovery.

He said: “I found a pyramid on Earths moon today. It’s really big, about 1km [0.62 miles] across.

“The site I got it from is a NASA-endorsed site used by scientists.

“There really does appear to be some sort of structure built on this [the east] side of the pyramid.

“There are one, two, three, four sides, making this a perfect four-sided pyramid.”

The highly-controversial conspiracy theorist also thinks this may mean aliens once visited our world.

He said: “The pyramid is very similar to pyramids in Egypt seen from above using Google Earth.

“This is 100 percent proof that ancient aliens moved from the Moon to Earth thousands of years ago. “

However, NASA suggests a far more realistic explanation for the lunar anomaly.

The space agency wrote on its LROC site: “While not entirely clear without a better understanding of melt pond dynamics for still-molten deposits, we note that moderately viscous materials can behave in odd ways.

“The isolated occurrence of individual domes suggests molten behaviour with each dome forming in-situ from a local source just beneath its position.

“Since the phenomenon is occurring in impact melt, we would be wrong to call this behaviour volcanic.

“But something similar to volcanism in the sense that molten rock is locally ‘erupting’ from an accumulated, still-hot deposit, might be appropriate for conceptual purposes.

However, the three and a half minute-long video created by Waring quickly garnered scores of comments from those convinced by the unsubstantiated claims.

YouTube viewer Tony Greaves wrote: “Ancient colony based on Moon before realising that Earth was a far better place to inhabit.

“Early Incan’s [sic] and Egyptians were first contacts.”

And The Illuminati Resistance 2.0 also appeared convinced by the discredited conspiracy theory, commenting: “That’s a pyramid all right.”

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