Nostradamus election predictions: Did legendary astrologer forecast Donald Trump victory?

The famed 16th century French astrologer and apparent prophet Nostradamus is thought to have written gnomic hints of the future in his book Les Propheties. And now, a growing number of people on social media platform Twitter believe some cryptic clues in his works suggest Donald Trump is set for a return to the White House in the upcoming 2020 US election, after defeating rival Joe Biden.

Nostradamus’ book has once again been put under the spotlight following the outbreak of Coronavirus pandemic.

The false trumpet concealing madness,Will cause Byzantium to change its laws


The seismic event of global proportions saw a sudden spike in searches for ‘End of Days Book’.

Some now suggest certain obscure lines from Nostradamus’ Les Propheties talking of a ‘trumpet’ causing ‘Byzantium to change its laws’ point towards Donald Trump returning as the US President. supplies what Nostradamus actually wrote way back in 1555, so you can decide for yourself if his words actually forecast a victory for Donald Trump in this year’s US election.

The false trumpet concealing madness,

Will cause Byzantium to change its laws.

From Egypt there will go forth a man who wants

The edict withdrawn, changing money and standards.

Scholars and political experts criticise conspiracy theorists who suggest these have any meaning applicable to the outcome of November 3’s election results.

They argue these are nothing but cryptic lines and do not mention specific events, dates or people.

As a result, the texts – they state – have absolutely nothing to do with Donald Trump or an apparent win over Joe Biden.

However, following Mr Trump’s shock 2016 win over Hillary Clinton, many people online suggest Nostradamus’ prophecy continues to unfold and victory could occur again in 2020.

Twitter user Faith wrote: “Are we going to be ok? It was predicted that Trump was going to be president by Nostradamus he’s clearly going to go […] crazy if he loses this election.

Sean Weatherford wrote: “Ever read any Nostradamus’ quatrains? There are a few relevant to this very topic.”

Spoiler-Man wrote: “Nostradamus predicted that the Trumpet man would win the election in 2020 and usher forth the third world war.”

But Twitter user Reese disagrees in his analysis, writing: “According to Nostradamus, Trump will lose the election and flee, then return to power with an army behind him.”

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And another person wrote: “Nostradamus may have directly referenced TRUMP in his Century 1, Quatrain 40.

“The passage reads: ‘The false trumpet concealing madness, will cause Byzantium to change its laws.

“‘From Egypt there will go forth a man wants, the edict withdrawn, changing money and standards.'”

And a third person said: “Nostradamus predicted a Great American Family would hold leadership for many years.

“I believe the quatrain reads ‘another and another from the great family is elected’ and what is funny is that Democrats always thought it meant the Kennedy family. Nope Trump.”

The French astrologer, physician and reputed seer Nostradamus penned his highly-controversial prophecies and predictions in quatrains, which as four-lined poems.

These, however are almost indecipherably cryptic and conveniently fail to refer to specific events, dates and figures.

Sceptics consequently argue Nostradamus’s writings can only be linked to events ex post facto.

But this has not deterred stubborn conspiracists who bizarrely believe Nostradamus’s prophecy of a “false trumpet concealing madness” is a reference to Donald Trump retaining the US Presidency.

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