AMD Takes on NVIDIA With Its New Radeon RX 6000 Series Graphics Cards

To rival NVIDIA’s recent release of three new 4K and ray-tracing-ready graphics cards, AMD Radeon has now launched its very own trio of GPUs, heralded as “the most powerful gaming graphics cards ever built by AMD.”

At the entry-level is the RX 6800, which the company itself compared to NVIDIA’s last-gen RTX 2080 Ti during its live-streamed presentation. While its performance matches its competitor or even triumphed over it in numerous games. AMD is offering the lower-tiered card at a price of just $580 USD, significantly more affordable than the RTX 2080 Ti’s $1,000 USD starting price. The next step up is the $650 USD RX 6800XT, carrying 16GB of GDDR6 RAM, 72 compute units, 20.74 teraflops of GPU performance, and a boost clock of 2,250Mhz. This offering from AMD is more leveled at those looking at NVIDIA’s RTX 3070, which goes for $700 USD.

Finally, re-entering the high-end gaming market, AMD announced its top-of-the-line RX 6900XT, priced directly to compete against the incredibly-powerful RTX 3090. While the latter carries 24GB of RAM, Radeon has elected to keep the memory of its own GPU at 16GB, instead increasing its compute units to 80 in total, with a boost clock also at 2,250Mhz, translating to 23.04 teraflops in terms of performance. Again, prices are set at a relatively more affordable amount: $1,000 USD for the RX 6900XT, as opposed to the RTX 3090’s $1,500 USD price tag.

For those interested, AMD will begin rolling the trio of new GPUs out in the near future. Both the RX 6800 and RX 6800XT will be available on November 18, while the RX 6900XT will arrive on December 8. You can learn more over on the company’s website.

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