The Lust List: New tech we want this week

Believe it or not, there’s more gadgetry around than just the iPhone 12 at the moment.

Yes, Apple had its big event this week and the new iPhone is available to pre-order today. But Sony also has an excellent phone out at the moment. And there’s a Star Wars-inspired camera from Polaroid, not to mention new GoPros and Oculus VR headsets.

In fact, it’s a really good time to be shopping around for some new tech before the Christmas chaos starts to tighten its grip…

So have a look over this week’s Lust List for some of the very best gadgets we’re most excited about.

GoPro Hero9

One of the most recognisable names in the headcam game still impresses. It features a 23.6-megapixel sensor, dual screens, better battery life, 5k video with 14.7-megapixel screen grabs, and stabilisation as smooth as LL Cool J in the 1990s.


MyRetro My64

The classic Commodore 64 is revived as a bare-bones PC case for self-build enthusiasts to create a modern Mini-ITXbased computer within an old-school shell.


Google Pixel Buds 2

Google’s second-gen buds have improved sound quality and handsfree Google Assistant voice controls.

They’re also clever enough to intuitively lower the volume based on ambient sound and will keep going for five hours on a single charge.


Amazon Echo Dot

One of the easiest gateways to Amazon’s digital assistant is on its fourth run. This time it’s ditched the puck-shaped design for a futuristic spherical one. It also has stronger speakers and faster response reflexes.


Joby FreeHold

Get a grip on your smartphone while shooting run-and-gun content with this smartphone case-cummini production crew. It consists of a built-in finger loop and modular attachment system to use your phone in all kinds of positions.


Oculus Quest 2

The original Oculus Quest broke free from cables and changed the game for wireless VR. Its successor is cheaper, lighter and more powerful.

It offers sharper visuals and has all the ingredients for excellent standalone virtual escapism.

£299 (pre-order),

The Mandalorian Polaroid Now Instant Camera

If you’re a Mandalorian fan and know what Beskar steel is, this camera’s inspired by the stuff, and boasts autofocus, self-timer, flash and optional special edition film.


Sony Xperia 5 II

Sony’s Android-powered candy bar-shaped phone is dripping with stylish good looks and has loads going for it, including a 6.1in 21:9 HD OLED display and triple-lens camera with Photo Pro mode for photography tinkerers.


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